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The Archive

  • Not the arrogance to call it a retrospective, but that’s not beneath me either. A way of revisiting works that feel still flavoursome, that still have juice. I drew them often before I wrote to them, now I give them another moment in the sun.

    The sun has blazed hot on my back, hot from different corners of the earth, and now hot yet cooler as I wade through the Southern Hemisphere winter, wade through long broken nights and days absorbed in newborn skin rather than paper and pencil.

  • Bringing to the floor ‘The Archive’. From the vaults, from my entire body of work. I’m not a hoarder but that’s not beneath me either. I’m a collector, and now a curator, of my work which is self-absorbed but I did preface this with my potential arrogance. Some of these works feel significant to the time they were made, back when I laid my paper bare on the NYC sidewalk streets to spray them with fixative, outdoors so I didn’t gas myself in my tiny apartment. Then too shooting the works in the street with Mother Nature’s free yet unpredictable studio lighting - the sun. Other works would be just as welcomed for me to deliver today. My still favoured combination of soiled and used, battered and once loved objects, attempting to tell a story of people's lives through the objects they leave behind. But I always seek to look back, too. I delve into vintage bookstores, captivated by their sections and offerings, which are vast.

  • There are two versions of my work as displayed in this collection. I have the stand-alone objects. The ones that speak for themselves, the subjects that need no introduction, need no reinventing the wheel. Honestly, they just need a framing in my opinion - for me to honor their beauty, their already mastered and perfected entirety, and that’s as I have done. There is then the story I beg to tell. The compositions, the arrangements, and the pairings. Portraying a setting of sorts, one object meaning something more, something different than its own. A mushroom next to a Men’s magazine. A silver spoon next to canned fish. Most of my work is location-inspired, and if not, it’s usually hedonist-inspired. Maybe that’s the depth of my work, an aspiring traveling hedonist. Brash enough to expose myself again, through works past, into ‘The Archive’ for digestion anew.

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