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West Coast Taste

West Coast Taste


(2022) A modern sculpture. A few of my favorite things. A still life of 2022. I've always explained what I draw as still life, but this gives a different image in one's head had they not seen my work. I wouldn't say it's pop art but it's my commentary on the world around me. On desires and design. Momentos from travel, or from a time or place. Euphoria displayed some of the themes I work with, of hedonism and extravagance, and I was absorbed in its scenes from Episode one, addicted to the color and sparkle, even just the holographic of this book. The bag on top is a meat market plastic "purse" from a butcher in Oaxaca, Mexico - a meat purse? Yes. Toppling atop of current "it" brand Bottega Veneta box, toppling alop of a glass of water. We here encounter a very top-heavy sculpture of sorts. Does the meat purse now look expensive? Desirable? Clean, like a glass of water? Hello again good friend of mine - the high low. The unstable and irrational pyramid of our intended perception of ourselves to the outside world.

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