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Everything and Lox

Everything and Lox

—30 x 30 inches
—Colored pencil on paper
—Southhampton, US

(2021) “My surroundings are my themes, my inspiration, and my reason to create art. Objects tie me to places and times, and having moved from NYC now, this piece holds a special place in my story. Before I moved to the US, my favorite restaurant in Melbourne was a NYC bagel spot (Jungle Juice, Center Place). It's what got me excited to move to the Big City. NYC is what made me into an artist, and now moving from there I'm paying my respect. I love The City, not for its wealth or "success stories" but for its grit and grind, for the every day, the everyman, for the bodegas and street carts, the coffee and the slice, and now, I can't say this is to wrap up my NYC series because that place is boundless, but for the next addition, it's the Bagel.

It's quintessential, it's commonplace, it's Sunday mornings, it's any day you want. It's my love for the chaos I called home and it's, to be frank, just fucking good food. For me, as the title suggests, it's everything and more, and the best way it comes; everything with lox.

My aesthetic is constantly trying to combine the low with the high, the tacky and the classy, from how I dress to what I'm drawn to, to what I draw. We could've gone with an egg and cheese addition, but I chose the expensive option, the option I used to have to miss out on when I first moved to NYC. It's the staple food, but it's the fancy one. It's the subway and it's the skyscrapers. It's the greasy paper you trash and the framed artwork you hang. It's me and it's the partnership of high/low I live for.”

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