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Iced on a Napkin, Tier ①

Iced on a Napkin, Tier ①

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- 14 x 14 inches 
- Fine art giclee print 
- Edition of 10
- Hand-deckled edge

(2023) The shades of white could be and very well may be a study all onto itself one day. It’s a peaceful process of shading in a white napkin, a white piece of paper, a white plate, a white dash of milk. I could get esoteric and say “It’s never what it seems” but instead I’ll opt for my thoughts on respecting the minimal, whilst a maximalist at heart and from every direction, there is much that goes into simplicity. I think that could be said for a lot in our days.

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Every print is hand stamped and numbered by Bella's studio in NYC. Every print also comes with an official certificate of authenticity.

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