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Lifestyle Come Undone

Lifestyle Come Undone

—22 x 21 inches
—Colored pencil on paper
—New York, US

(2019) “I picked up the condom from a very unpleasant and difficult visit to Planned Parenthood. I thought I was just attracted to its texture and reflective surface. When I later photographed it, and paired it with the yellow string, I thought it was its opposite texture that made it interesting. In hindsight, this was a really awful time in my life. My plans had unraveled like the string had and I guess I was trying to immortalize or signify something in my life. Not having the words to do so or even being conscious in my mind, this artwork came out of it. Something that I couldn’t really talk about became art that could mean whatever the viewer wanted from it, and that felt freeing in a way.”

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