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Maru, Tier ①

Maru, Tier ①

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- 14 x 14 inches 
- Fine art giclee print 
- Edition of 10
- Hand-deckled edge

(2023) For my sunshine-worshiping, minimalist-loving west coast coffee drinkers. Maru, like Los Angeles as a whole, is picture-damn-perfect. Maru is cool, Maru hosts that great stay-all-day-and-take-notes-for-your-apartment design. It’s simplicity and intention, words that might not be associated with my work, so I wanted to take it on. The less is more phenomenon, is not one that I connect to much personally. The notion of “less” is misleading, the “less” in the minimalist approach is made from more knowledge, more design experience, and more taste. It’s more decisions of what not to include. Whilst at times we (or maybe just me) feel we need more to make it more interesting, Maru proves in its experience and it’s coffee that isn’t so. As a result, I endeavored to mirror that intention, and this artwork is my result.

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Every print is hand stamped and numbered by Bella's studio in NYC. Every print also comes with an official certificate of authenticity.

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