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Salento Espresso, Tier ①

Salento Espresso, Tier ①

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- 14 x 14 inches 
- Fine art giclee print 
- Edition of 10
- Hand-deckled edge

(2023) At the start of this series I thought espresso was too good for me. Too cool, too hardcore. As a drink, less a concept, although in saying that, perhaps they’re the same. But the collection has crossed seas with me, and now, I find myself in the boot of the heel that is Salento Italy. I have too, found myself opting for the 1€ Italian black water. You know what helps it along? A dash of sugar. Even better? A pasticciotto; the local pastry born here 300 years ago, far too dangerously close to my front door. I am a transitioned woman. An espresso drinker. Everything tastes better when served with a “Ciao!”.

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Every print is hand stamped and numbered by Bella's studio in NYC. Every print also comes with an official certificate of authenticity.

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Black Water, Tier ①