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Salento, Tier ①

Salento, Tier ①


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- 30 x 30 inches
- Edition of 10
- Fine art giclee print
- Hand-numbered and embossed with the studio stamp
- Hand-torn deckled edge

Complimentary worldwide shipping with duties paid.

Bella's notes

This piece leaves not much room for interpretation yet so much left for the imagination. An empty plate, a ring from a glass. The leftovers. Enough to brag of what’s been had, yet not enough to taste the flavors. But you know. You know, without me explaining it to you, how this spaghetti was twirled around the plate and then around the fork. Sauce, thickened with the cheese once mounted fresh atop the serving, now splashing onto your white shirt and your cheeks as you pat your face with the serviette. You know how you wished it to last longer, then sat back, finished the wine, and wondered if it was time for a sleep or a cigarette. You know it was enjoyed with intention, yet the perfect distraction of a social setting. It wasn’t eaten as fuel but enjoyed ceremoniously. Not as a meal but as a lifestyle. How cliche it sounds but it’s honest. It’s not just a meal. 

How to represent the flavors of a single tomato through a drawing, how it’s grown on a single family-owned farm no bigger than a front garden, down in Salento where the English is none and the sun is dry. The poppies grow in spring, imitating the red that will make the vines groan in weeks to come with these tomatoes. How their flavor is one that makes you feel like a child, makes you feel you’ve never eaten this fruit before. 

I could have drawn the tomato, but that removes the context. Here, we have an undeniable, perhaps the most famous of dishes; Italian pasta. A devoured plate of pasta and wine whos glass is removed for a refill. The meal has been had, but the conversation continues.

It is simple, in the ways only the best things can be, by centuries of refinement, it’s perfection through one's craft. A hand-painted plate, from a third-generation family business, ladened with oil, always ladened with oil, colored with tomatoes, and sullied with black pepper. Wine drunk and finished. 

I respect the purity of this meal, of these ingredients, it’s not my job nor intention to glamorize, to exaggerate, to outdo them. There is no improvement to be had. There are only memories to be lit, to savor, longer than the tastes can remain in our mouths. To remind you of the conversations you’ve had over a truly great meal, and of the connections you have formed when you experience something you can honestly call perfect.

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This limited-edition print is hand numbered and embossed by Bella's studio. Every piece also comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity.

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