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Single Serving

Single Serving

—37 x 29 inches
—Colored pencil on paper
—Oaxaca, MX

(2020) “How sad the way our world is not only overrun by factories rather than forests but plastic instead of oceans. The use of single-use plastic makes me feel horrified and also to blame, we’re all to blame. I wanted to give a nod to our useless and somewhat hopeless relationship with plastic and the “ease” it gives our life, the “beauty” it tries to emulate and the destruction it's doing to our home. The way fruit is sold without its skin but in a plastic shield, so too are our windows closed and our cities further away from the wilderness, we cut stems and tie them with nylon string and hope our flowers will last whilst we dispose of the plastic that will outlive all.

I produced this work around the same time as Plastic Makes Perfect and Old Money, New Face which looks at the relationship between money and beauty, as too in this piece, I’m looking at how we believe technological advances can harness fleeting beauty. Which I happen to believe cannot.

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