• This collection is summer in winter, it’s Spanish by an Australian, it evolved from days saturated by light and nights with foreigners feeling local.

  • Santa Teresa, the new paradise, the old Tulum, the Israeli, Argentinian playground, and the place to start surfing, continue surfing and fall in love with surfing. I spent two months here, fell in love with the place, with the people, and with being able to communicate it in my newly adopted broken but determined Spanish. 

  • It has come to my mind that Santa Teresa might be the best place I’ve ever visited. So, I tried to freeze it into artwork. I want to continue to feel the humidity on the dampened paper, how it lubricated my pencils and smoothed the surfaces of my work.

  • I’m hoping to portray the heat, the jungle, and the joy from these dusty streets before they change like everywhere ultimately does. Although these artworks won’t, they're proof of my days in Costa Rica.

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