• Almost like an exercise just to loosen my grip, sometimes I need to change up from the ultra-fine detailed work that fills my weeks.

  • I like a restriction too. I like that because I’m living in a different country every 1-2 months sometimes it doesn’t accommodate a large-scale drawing. So I obey, and I size down. A continuation of my fascination with old magazines and old advertising, like my recently launched work “The Most Beautiful Girls In Ibiza”, I felt the urge to do what I do best, imitate, or perhaps more accurately put; copy, some of my favourite advertisements from the days of the glossy magazines.

  • An exercise in free hand, in direct ink to paper. A slightly sloping text and a shaky line give a feeling of “almost had it” but give me joy. It’s the sketchy lines and hand-torn paper behind the beautiful custom museum-grade framing that’s the formula I'm most interested in currently. What are the limits a piece of paper and a pen can take when paired with excellent framing before they are acknowledged or dismissed as art?

  • A doodle, my doodle. An original artwork, a sketch, is presented as another artifact behind glass for visual indulgence. 

    — BM

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