• Living in Barbados for a couple of months, where the humidity softens my paper and the fan rolls my pencils straight off the table, I needed to simplify. I needed to simplify my life as clothes became too hot and groceries became unreliable (no mangos this week, no coffee next week) and simplify my work. Adapt. The less I pushed against my circumstances, the more in-flow I became and this collection was born, and didn’t really want to cap itself.

  • What started with straight ink to paper free line sketches, of course evolved into what I’m most comfortable in - as much detail as I can possibly include. But this time it feels spicy as I’ve traded my small items that I blow up (to huge sizes and obsess over the details that the naked eye can’t see) for large items drawn within a 15 inch page size. Call me a little girl but I can’t stop coo-ing over how cute these are.

  • Not only is there something satisfying in being able to finish a work in under a month (unlike my large pieces, these took a day or two) there is also something satisfying about these perfect little iconic furniture designs, made from pencil on paper. My love for chairs was handed down from my mother whose house is made up of never matching but always chic chairs and now I have done my devotion to the category. Please take a seat - pick your favorite and enjoy the show. 

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